5x my favourites of the Jordaan area in Amsterdam.

The Jordaan area

The city of Amsterdam is a great place to live and to visit as a tourist in general. There is however one specific area that is my favourite. It is the area called Jordaan. This area lies in the city center, on the map a bit to the left, and in this blog I share with you why it is my favourite area for an afternoon stroll on a summers’ day, or for example a walk early in the morning when the city wakes up. Does it also have something to do with a place where you can eat the tastiest apple pie of Amsterdam? Oh yes! Continue reading!

Jordaan Amsterdam

Welcome to the Jordaan area!

1. Exploring the UNESCO world heritage

The canals within the center of Amsterdam are part of the UNESCO world heritage. In the Jordaan area it is very beautiful to take a walk alongside these canals. The bridges and the 17th century houses alongside the canals, give the area its characteristic view. Enjoy a walk during spring or summer when the trees are green, or during winter when christmas lights are adding a magical atmosphere.

2. Taking a boat tour

Another favourite thing to do is to enjoy the scenery of Jordaan area by boat. Several boat tours will also cross the Jordaan area and a guide can tell you even more details and fun facts about the houses, the canals themselves and the bridges. In my blog about bridges of Amsterdam tyou can already explore the most typical bridges of the city.

Jordaan characteristic

Take a boat tour and enjoy the view of the city from the water.

3. Admiring the roses

June is my favourite month to take a walk in Jordaan area. Reason is the roses are blooming and in this area you will find a lot of roses! For this favourite I let the photo’s speak:

roses Jordaan

One of the beauties…

roses JordaAn Amsterdam

…and another one. Once you explore the Jordaan area yourself you will find roses everywhere.

4. Enjoying dinner in the best Italian restaurant

Amsterdam has a lot to offer when it comes to different cuisines. However, in case you want to enjoy a great Italian dinner for an affordable price, you have to go to Cinema Paradiso in Westerstraat. This restaurant offers a variety of tasty dishes and it’s one of my favourite restaurants to go to for dinner.

Cinema Paradiso Amsterdam

Enjoy your favourite Italian food at Cinema Paradiso

5. Eating the tastiest apple pie

Everyone knows that during your visit in Amsterdam you should taste apple pie. But did you know that the tastiest apple pie is baked and served in the Jordaan area? The place to go for a nice piece of fresh home-baked apple pie (and don’t forget the whipped cream on top of it) is Winkel 43 at the Noordermarkt no. 43. Every day fresh apple pies are baked and ready to be served. Locals know they have to go there, and now you know too!

apple pie Amsterdam

The tastiest apple pie of Amsterdam

Practical information

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Read more about Jordaan area and Amsterdam in general, and follow me on Instagram for more tips from a local!

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Jordaan Amsterdam favourites

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