Jordaan Amsterdam

5x my favourites of the Jordaan area in Amsterdam.

The Jordaan area The city of Amsterdam is a great place to live and to visit as a tourist in general. There is however one specific area that is my favourite. It is the area called Jordaan. This area lies in the city center, on the map a bit to the left, and in this blog […]

september bicycle amsterdam

My favourite things to do in Amsterdam in September.

September in Amsterdam In September in Amsterdam summer is starting to close out, and the first signs of autumn take over. Visiting the city in this time of the year provides you a couple of advantages. In this blog I share which ones exactly, and also I share a couple of my favourite things to […]

Amsterdam Jordaan

5x Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Which city offers what?

Both cities I have lived in Nowadays I live in Amsterdam and I like it a lot. I am not from Amsterdam though, and it’s rather exceptional for Dutchies what I am going to tell you now, but I have lived as well in Rotterdam some years ago, and my mothers’ family is actually from […]

quiet cafe Luxembourgh

3x affordable places to relax during your Amsterdam visit.

Amsterdam during spring: beautiful, crowded and tulips! In my opinion spring is the best season for a visit to Amsterdam. During the months April, May and June the trees become green and flowers bloom, which gives the city a fantastic look! It is also the time the city gets overloaded with tourists, since actually a […]


Rembrandtplein Amsterdam. History and nowadays highlights.

Amsterdam Rembrandtplein In the south of the city center you can find an interesting and nice square called Rembrandtplein. In the center of this square you can also find a statue of Rembrandt himself. Who was he? And alongside what makes the square interesting to visit nowadays, what happened there in the past? In this […]

bridge Jordaan Amsterdam

A closer look at the bridges in Amsterdam.

Bridges in Amsterdam Bridges and Amsterdam, these two are strongly connected. You will realize as soon as you take one step out of Amsterdam Central Station heading for the city center: after you have crossed the tram stops, your first steps will be on a bridge! In this blog I share some fun facts, and interesting information as well, […]

Dam Royal Palace

Highlights and secrets of the Dam Amsterdam.

Dam square Everyone who ever visited Amsterdam, and everyone ever going to visit Amsterdam, knows the Dam square. Once an actual dam in the river Amstel, this square was named to its first purpose. Nowadays it is the cities most known square! However, did you know the Royal Palace hasn’t always been a palace? And […]

winter amsterdam

5x places to go in Amsterdam during winter.

Amsterdam during winter Winter is coming! Whilst during summer days the terraces of Amsterdam along the canals were the place to be, you can find the tips for it in my blog about 5 spots to cool down during summer, this time of the year asks for different locations to enjoy the city. Find out […]

Autumn Pumpkin

My autumn favourites and tips.

Autumn in the city In this time of the year, when days become shorter and the weather colder, there are a lot of things that add a bit of colour to the season! In this blog I share with you my favourite things of autumn. Continue reading to find out what they are! 1. More […]