My Jordaan Amsterdam special: fun facts and travel tips.

The Jordaan

I admit: I cannot stop making photo’s in what I consider the most beautiful area of Amsterdam! The collage below contains a couple of my most recent pictures of the Jordaan area. The canals, flowers and typical houses are a couple of the characteristics of the area. Jordaan is often crowded with tourists, but luckily it has its quiet times. Therefore it is possible to wander around and enjoy the peacefulness! In this blog I will give you some tips which are useful, or just fun to know, for when you are visiting Jordaan. Continue reading!

Where to find

First of all: where can you find the Jordaan area? In this cute map illustrated by Studio Sjoesjoe you can find Jordaan at the left of the city center. Exactly: it is that part where most of the streets are mentioned! From Amsterdam central station it is a nice 10 minute walk via the Haarlemmerstraat to Jordaan. This street is filled with nice small boutiques, lunchrooms, and cafes. Go to the left after you have crossed the Prinsengracht, and there you find yourself in the Jordaan!


There are several ways to explore Jordaan. The area is not that big, therefore you can reach all streets on foot. Another option to see a bit of the area is to go by boat! Amsterdam offers several boat tours. Via the website of I Amsterdam you can find all the information you will need for a nice tour by boat. Most boat tours spend a lot of time sailing through the canals in the Jordaan area. Cultural highlights of this area are the Westerkerk, Noordermarkt (and Noorderkerk) and also Anne Frank house is located in this area of Amsterdam.

Eating and shopping

In Jordaan you can find two lage streets, the Lindengracht, and the Westerstraat. In Westerstraat, and a couple of its side streets you can find a lot of nice restaurants! On the corner of Lindengracht you will find the famous cafe Thijssen. In one of my Dutch blog posts earlier this month I shared my top 5 of Jordaan cafes. Regardless you can or cannot read Dutch, you can easily find the names of the cafes in this blog.
Also for shopping Jordaan is an interesting area. A couple of the stores are more luxury and expensive, such as the nice boutiques you will find in Prinsenstraat for example. On the contrary in for example Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk alongside the luxury boutiques there are also stores where you can find more average priced products and clothes.

Visit Amsterdam and the Jordaan area

To conclude with what I started: I think Jordaan is the most beautiful part of Amsterdam! But of course you will have to see it yourself. My top 1 advice is: take your time to just wander around in the streets of this area. Then you will aready discover beautiful sights such as in the picture below. During summer you will see a lot of boats in the canals. During the evening you will be fascinated by the view with all the streetlights and lights from the houses and cafes alongside the canals. Once you have been visiting this part of Amsterdam, let me know what you think!

canals Jordaan

The canals in the Jordaan area are filled with boats

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Jordaan streets

Explore the streets of Jordaan area

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