My autumn favourites and tips.

Autumn in the city
In this time of the year, when days become shorter and the weather colder, there are a lot of things that add a bit of colour to the season! In this blog I share with you my favourite things of autumn. Continue reading to find out what they are!
autumn flowers1. More time to relax
After all there is something positive about rainy days: there is time enough to do nothing. This might sound lame, but as finding the time to relax is dificult for a lot of people nowadays, I think this season provides at least the opportunities for it. I find myself calming down while staring out of the window: just letting all storms and rain pass by while enjoying a tea can be very relaxing.
autumn favourites relax 2. Warm coats
Afters months of warm weather, it is now the time to put on your warm coat again. For staying warm during stormy days a coat is a welcome piece of clothing, and although your favourite might be in a dark colour, the fashion of this fall is bright colours. How many of the ones in the picture did you already count in the street? They’re really the fashion this fall and winter.
autumn coat3. Going for a walk
The next thing I like a lot about autumn is the colour change of the trees. When the sun shines and the weather is good enough to go for a walk, you should go out for some fresh air. Nature during autumn is beautiful, and for as long as it doesn’t rain, a walk outside will give you new energy.
Autumn leaves3. A coffee, or other warm beverage
There is never a season that says no to coffee. However, during autumn warm drinks become a preference again, since the temperatures are decreasing quickly. I like an espresso best, but a cappucino well made is something I can also enjoy a lot.
coffee autumn4. Pumpkins
Autumn is definately the season of the pumpkin! I do not really like Halloween parties, neither I like carving a pumpkin, but I do like the dishes you can make with it, such as pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, or name any other dish with pumpkin as an ingredient. There are various ways to create delicious meals with this vegetable.
Autumn Pumpkin5. Festive preparations!
December is coming, and with that all the festive preparations too! I like the athmosphere this brings, the lights, and the sweets too. All these things bring a nice glow to the dark and cold days.
autumn decemberThese are my favourites, and what are yours?
These things were some of my autumn favourites. What are yours? What are the things you like about autumn? Or don’t you like autumn at all? Feel free to leave a reply in the comment box. Do you want to save this post on Pinterest? Great! You can use this image:
Pinterest autumn favourites


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