A visit to Den Bosch

Den Bosch
Alongside Amsterdam there’s a lot more to explore in The Netherlands! Also if you have few time it is easy to visit some more parts of the country, since the Netherlands isn’t that big. In the center of The Netherlands you can find an interesting little city with the name Den Bosch. This city is one of the candidates for the title European Cultural capital of 2018. Continue reading to find out what you can check out during your visit!

Cultural highlights
Den Bosch has an ancient history. Parts of the impressive St Jan’s Cathedral, a church in the centre of the city, were built already in the 14th century! The Cathedral has a Gothic style, and the organ is considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. A little further you will find the market square which is a nice place to wander. At one corner you can also find a special building called Moriaan. It was built in the 13th century and therefore is one of the most ancient stone houses of The Netherlands. Then there is this painter you’ve probably seen at least one painting from: Jheronimus Bosch! During 2016 an exposition of his work is presented in the Noordbrabants museum.

Coffee and dinner!
After visiting the cultural highlights it’s time to enjoy a coffee, lunch, or nice dinner, of course depending what time of the day your visit is! During spring and summer it is nice to take a seat on a terrace on the Market Square. A little further, in one of those nice small streets you can find a cafe which presents itself as a trendy coffee bar: Cremecoffeeandpastry. The name already mentions it: they have their own bakery! Also they offer breakfast and lunch. In case you are looking for a place for dinner Den Bosch has a lot to offer. Considered a real hotspot is restaurant Lux. You can find Lux nearby St Jan’s Cathedral.

Pastry next level
Den Bosch is also known for its special pastry: the Bossche Bol! In case you like chocolate, puff pastry and whipped cream, and who doesn’t, this is what you really should try during your visit! You can order it in a lot of cafes in the city. Also you can try one at the official bakery of this pastry: bakery Jan de Groot. Warning, there’s always a line in front of this bakery!

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