Utrecht during spring! What to visit.

Utrecht, city in the center
Utrecht is a city in the center of the Netherlands and therefore easy to reach. From Amsterdam it is only 25 minutes by train!  Utrecht is a great city for a day trip, although there is enough to visit in this city to spend a whole weekend. Just as Amsterdam Utrecht has that special feature: canals! But of course there is much more to see. In this blog I give you some tips, continue reading!

1. A must-see: Dom of Utrecht and the Dom tower
You can visit all you want in Utrecht, but in any case you have to visit this church and its tower! You can see it from far: the Dom tower is the tallest church tower in The Netherlands, and it is the highest building of Utrecht! After you have enjoyed the panoramic view of the city from this tower, you can also visit the church itself. The church and the tower got split up some centuries ago, it is interesting to see. Also there is a beautiful garden, and around the Dom tower is a nice square with cafe’s: Domplein!

2. Cultural city
After your visit to the Dom you can visit several museums! In my opinion the most interesting one is the Centraal Museum. This museum has special expositions every time again. In the collection you will find the design chairs of Rietveld for example. Then the Catharijneconvent is located in this city, which has a large collection of religious art of The Netherlands. Also there are museums with special themes like the Spoorwegmuseum (museum of the railway). A fun fact is that in this city you can visit the Nijntje museum or English better known as Miffy! This cute rabbit already exists for 60 years, however, the museum is most suitable for the younger cultural visitors.

3. Afternoon stroll
Now spring is about to start and the weather becomes better and better, Utrecht is a perfect city for an afternoon stroll through the city center. As I mentioned before: like Amsterdam and a couple of other Dutch cities, Utrecht also has these beautiful canals! The nice thing in Utrecht is that several restaurants are located alongside the canals in the so called ‘werfkelders’. Along the canals you will find lots of little shops, cafe’s and restaurants, a perfect environment to relax after having seen all the other beaufitul things you can find in this city.



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