Living in the city: pros and cons

For a lot of people it is an ultimate dream: to live for a while in the center of a big city! Once you live in a city, you will realize a couple of things:

Mostly the space you have is minimal, unless you are one of the lucky few with enough salary for a luxury apartment. The advantage: you become very creative in organizing your house!

Another fact in a lot of cities: you cannot leave your valuable belongings outside on the street. Simply because of the fact there is no space on the street, or that it will get stolen once you do so. A bike can be a nice decoration on the wall though…

Your garden is…a balcony, a very sweet balcony though! And admit it, the view is amazing:

Ah…isn’t this what we all dream of? The main advantage of living in the city is, you live in the city! Therefore it can happen shops and cafes are right around the corner, or even under your house. And the city athmosphere is all around as soon as you leave your doorstep.



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