Tip: experience the awakening city

Las Ramblas Barcelona
My advice
Do you also like to visit cities? And do you also sometimes feel a bit annoyed the highlights of the city are overcrowded with all the other tourists? Then this is my tip of the week: go for a walk in the city early in the morning! Ofcourse, if you are an early bird, a walk at 8:00 is recommendable, but I would recommend a walk around 9:30, since then also the café’s open their doors, and so you are just in time to enjoy a nice coffee!

In the picture
In the picture you can see a little part of the famous street ‘Las Ramblas’ in Barcelona. I have visited this street often, and I actually enjoyed to walk there mostly around 10:00 in the morning! That was the moment I took this picture: the time the city starts to wake up, and streets like these are still nice and quiet.


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