Instagram 9 faves

My Instagram favourites of 2017 so far: travels, wine, and Amsterdam flowers.

Top 9 Instagram pictures Every once in a while I like to post something on my blog regarding the social media I use. This time it’s Instagram! I liked the idea to share my fave 9 pictures of 2017 so far. You might have read about this top-9-feature you can post every year, which covers your […]

Beach IJ Amsterdam

Summertime in Amsterdam: 5 spots to cool down during warm days.

Amsterdam during summer Amsterdam has one advantage during summer: it’s located in The Netherlands! What I mean is, the summers here are not that hot, and if the temperatures are rising this usually doesn’t last long. I know that while celebrating summer holidays this can be devastating, but for a city trip it is actually not […]

Beurspassage floor

A new highlight in Amsterdam: the Beurspassage.

New discovery One day I was walking through Amsterdam city for some shopping, not expecting anything outrageous, untill my eye fell on the new look of the Beurspassage, a passage from Nieuwendijk to Damrak. This was beautiful to see! I made a couple of photo’s and walked further, happily realizing again there is something amazing to […]

detail artwork Het Schip

Architecture in Amsterdam: a visit to the Schip Museum.

Architecture in Amsterdam In Amsterdam there are various ways to jump into history. You can make a boat tour through the canals, along the 17th century houses, you can visit Mercatorplein or Beurs van Berlage, but there is much more! In this blog I take you to the Schip museum. The museum contains an interesting collection […]

Kingsday celebrate

How to celebrate Kingsday in The Netherlands.

Kingsday It is almost that time of the year again: the Dutch are about to celebrate Kingsday! Every year on April 27 the event takes place. If you are visiting the Netherlands, or staying here at the moment for other reasons, the question might occur: how do I actually celebrate Kingsday? Here is your quick […]

5x reasons to visit Oba: the library of Amsterdam.

Oba Amsterdam In Amsterdam you have the famous places which all the tourists visit, and you have places where less tourists go to, although they are also very nice to see! In my opinion the central building of Oba (public library Amsterdam) is one of them. It is located nearby Central Station on Oosterdokeiland. It […]

Wester Wijnfabriek rose

A wine bar in a city park: Wester Wijnfabriek Amsterdam.

Westerpark Amsterdam The name says it a little already: the city park Westerpark is located in the West of Amsterdam. Not that far west from the city center luckily, since it is a beautiful park for a walk, and it contains enough cafes to enjoy time with friends! The Westerpark dates from 1890 and it’s […]

Moeders Amsterdam

A cafe to visit with your mother: Moeders Amsterdam!

Moeders In this blog I take you to one of Amsterdams hotspots: a cafe/restaurant called Moeders. During this time of the year I am so looking forward to spring! I am thinking about the days the sun will shine more, the green will grow and flowers will pop up again. However, it is still wintertime, […]

Anrhem hotspot

A city trip to Arnhem.

Arnhem introduction In the Netherlands there are a lot of cities which are worth a visit. Arnhem is one of them. It is a city in the center of the Netherlands, with National Park Hoge Veluwe just around the corner! If you like to shop, or view some historically important parts of the city, and […]