European city of the year: Rotterdam

Rotterdam Erasmus

Last year we received the news Rotterdam recieved a price! It was chosen as European city of the year 2015! But what does that mean actually?

Academy of Urbanism
The award for European city of the year was given by the Academy of Urbanism, a collective of 500 scientists, politicians and specialists who gave this price to Rotterdam for its high level of autonomy, leadership, urban quality and positivity. The good news is: this will be encouraging for new investors to start new projects in this city!

My opinion
It is simple: although I’m proud Rotterdam received this price, for me Rotterdam doesn’t need it. I already like this city a lot! The combination of impressive architecture, old and new restaurants and stores creating new concepts every now and then, the city design, and the positive atmosphere, is what makes this city worth a visit over and over again. Also I remember the first time I crossed the Erasmus bridge, the bridge you can see in the picture. It was amazing! And ok, I’m a few years older now, and have seen other impressive cities in the world, but still, Rotterdam is a special one for me.