Barcelona at night in 3 acts

city at night

city at night

1st act: Parking the car 
We are driving the car in the center of Barcelona for quite some time already. It’s Wednesday night, and we are seeking a parking place. This is horrible, as it is in most large cities: the city centers are not car friendly, but, we are not giving up! We pass the hotel for the third time, and I can see how more and more people enter the party…however now the sign of the nearest parking garage has turned green! “It’s free!” yells my friend while she immediately manouvres the car into the parking place. Finally, we have parked the car. Time to party!

2nd act: Absorb the atmosphere
“Would you like another cava?” “Yes please”, I answer to the man who’s wearing a stylish suit. He’s a friend from my friend and he hands me over a glass of cava. I joke that I will speak Spanish fluent after I have drunk 4 glasses of cava, and we laugh while enjoying the atmosphere. The lounge music the DJ plays, gives the place an extra vibe, and lots of attendees are wearing luxury outfits! We start to realize this is not just a party. I stare into the amazing view from the 6th floor of Hotel the Serras. It celebrates its opening night. Later we found out it was a party the jetset of Barcelona attended, including the major!

3rd and final part: Dinner at night
“Please try this chorizo. It’s sooooo good.” It’s one ‘o clock in the night, and we’re sitting in a restaurant. The table is filled with tapas: cheese, ham, chorizo, bread, all very good! I think this is a very nice aspect of the life in Barcelona, maybe it’s one of the best: being able to eat tapas at night instead of only fries with mayonaise or doner kebab, as we do here in The Netherlands. I really enjoyed this night in this special city with the cosmopolitan vibe. And maybe I should go for another glass of cava, to be able to talk Spanish, or just because of its excellent taste…

-The end-