City wishlist 2015

This is a picture taken in Budapest. And Budapest is one of the cities I have on my wishlist of cities I want to visit! Also in 2015 I hope to visit several cities and discover their stories. I find it fun to discover new places: sometimes you meet new friends, other times you learn something new about a city’s history, and again another time you taste a local dish which is simply delicious! Also it is always great fun to spend some time in a city together with a friend, or more friends, and to explore the city together. As for Budapest you can see the seats are already waiting for new visitors!

My list
Other cities I want to visit:
-The Big Apple (yes NYC is on my list, it is!)
-Berlin (and it is not even that far away from where I live!)
-Lecce (my list always needs some Italian vibes)
-Nice (since I have been there once, but it is been long time ago…)

Go go!
And there are lots more! However, the amount of days in a year to travel are limited when you’re working. I feel blessed though by being able to travel and to explore new places often! And you? Are there any cities you want to visit? And if so, which cities are on your wishlist? Never stop dreaming, because one day you might visit them. If not in 2015, then maybe later!