dreaming of summer pt 3

Insta Cities 
When taking pictures you take the time to actually look. And when back at home, when you look again at your pictures, you see even more! It was the case for me with these pictures. In both 3 I realized there was a depth in them I didn’t notice when I took the picture. The first one I shot in Milan, Italy, last summer. Besides, have you ever checked my Instagram account? And do you follow it already? If not, then please do so! You will find the latest city pictures I have made, since I like it a lot to edit with Instagram.
looking through

Fascinating buildings
This second photo I took in Milan too, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The fascinating is that mostly you discover this amazing building after you already have been staring for a while at the Duomo di Milano, another fantastic creation, and probably just as me you have been shooting a lot of photo’s of the cathedral before you started noticing the Galleria is actually near! The Galleria is build next to the Cathedral. Besides, did you know in Naples you can find a similar Galleria? You can find a photo of it in my photoblog of Naples of last summer here.
galleria vittorio emanueleDreaming of ultimate summer
And this last one I took in Salerno, Italy. It gives a classic look of the Italian life, including the scooter, but also with the people putting their chairs outside because life outside probably is much more interesting that inside the house (and probably there was no airconditioning, I’m never sure about that). For me this is the ultimate summertime I always look forward to, and pictures like these make me dream of summer.