Time to dance! Cities in the picture.

A night out
Of course, all throughout Europe there are a lot of places where you can spend an excellent night out! If you Google this the lists will be endless. Amongst these “Top 5 best cities for a night out”, “best places to party: top 10”  I’d like to add my top 3. And yes, only 3 since I think these are the cities with something special in the athmosphere. You just have to experience it!

Besides all the architecture, and besides the Kaufhaus, Berlin is the place to be when you like techno and dance. Berlin has many clubs, so in the list this is number one for dancing! Or as my brother once said: “above all, Berlin is a place with some very nice clubs!”

Not that much because of the amount of clubs, but because of the vibe this city has in general I put Barcelona at no. 2. If you spend a night out in the city center, for instance in the El Borne area, salsa is in the air! Last May I spent a night out there, and someone said to me: “later tonight you will be dancing the salsa out there on the street!” (and no, I didn’t, aha!)

It is a strange thing that Dutchies belong to the more northern countries when it comes to their talent in dancing (admit it, we don’t have it). However, we like to dance a lot! Add some drinks and nobody feels ashamed anymore. Therefore, on number 3 the capital of this country, although you will find lots of dancing clubs in most of the cities in The Netherlands. Already looking forward to the weekend? I hope you will have an excellent one including some dancing!


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