My favourite, Christmas in the city

December in the city
This week I was thinking “what is typical for this time of the year in the city?” There came an image to my mind of a scyscraper with behind every window the Christmas lights of a Christmas tree. It’s the sight I always enjoy this time of the year! In every building I see nicely decorated Christmas trees behind the windows, in various sizes and colours. Also there are people who decorate their house with other kinds of Christmas decorations. And sometimes there are large Christmas trees standing between the scyscrapers. The combination of it all makes the city very cheerful!

I started searching for a picture to accompany this blog, and to show you what I mean. I thought there were more people who love this sight, and who actually made a photo of it, or created an artwork of it? I couldn’t find any…In the end I designed my own image. And I must admit, my mother has a real talent for painting and design, but I have my doubts if I have inherited that talent…Don’t get too shocked! I warn you. But as I said, there must be a better picture of it right? Here it is, my picture of a flat building with Christmas decorations behind every window. Who will help me in finding a better one?

christmas cityVintage christmas
Apart from the sight of the modern city during Christmas I love the vintage look of Christmas. Like this picture I found. I think the Christmas atmosphere has been an inspiration for artists already for ages. And I hope it will continue to be so for a long time.
Vintage christmas


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