Love in the city

This day I share with you a picture of Verona (IT) where the story of Romeo and Juliet took place! Or at least where Shakespeare decided for it to take place, since luckily this isn’t a true story! However, regardless in which city you are today, or wherever you might go to, the best place […]

Maastricht, the southern city

Where Maastricht is a city in The Netherlands which isn’t that famous as Amsterdam. However, if you are visiting the Netherlands, you really should visit this awesome city! It is one of the most ancient cities of The Netherlands, and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cities with a very special atmosphere. If […]

January recap

De eerste maand van 2015 is weer voorbij! Op Cities ’n Stories kon je deze maand lezen over hoe de actualiteit de Gallery raakte, zaten we even in het zonnetje in Amsterdam en gaf ik je tijdens de vakantiebeurs alvast 5 tips voor als je op reis gaat! Verder tipte ik ook hoe je voordelig naar Maastricht kon gaan en plaatste […]

City wishlist 2015

What? This is a picture taken in Budapest. And Budapest is one of the cities I have on my wishlist of cities I want to visit! Also in 2015 I hope to visit several cities and discover their stories. I find it fun to discover new places: sometimes you meet new friends, other times you […]

When in Amsterdam…pt. 3

And finally, once you visit Amsterdam, take the time to wander around the city. Take your time to stand still, take a closer look, and discover its history!  

When in Amsterdam…pt. 2

When you visit Amsterdam, make sure you taste some of the local food…like cheese! Or learn how to actually use these kind of tulip vases! 😉

When in Amsterdam… pt. 1

When you visit Amsterdam you can see a lot of these typical houses!    

work in progress

A city is never finished, and a view like this you will find quite often! I like how cities are always under construction. There will always be something new to discover. This picture I took in Milan, opposite the train station Centrale F.S. which is a large building project itself too!  

A small sign in Paris

photo credit This is just a small traffic sign, but it’s an ode to what is the greatest thing on earth. This ode to love you can find in the centre of Paris. My thoughts go out to its citizens, and to those who lost a loved one in the shootings of last week.