Art in the city: winter images

Inspired by…
It is November, and soon the holidays are coming! Hereby I share with you some art inspiration I found. According to me the pieces are showing exactly this time of the year! Some of them however are showing a winter cityscape of which we can only dream of. Nowadays it is more rainy than snowy here in The Netherlands! Via de links of the photo credits you can find the source. The first picture, above this text, is called ‘Winter city’ and designed by a Spanish artist. I like it although it doesn’t show a warm city, but much more the contrary atmosphere…

French winter scene
Monet could paint the most beautiful gardens, but this painting I think is also really beautiful. Painted in 1874, Monet takes us to a nice winter cityscape of a busy street in Paris: the ‘Boulevard des Capucines’ which is also the name of this painting.

Dutch addition
Anton Pieck (1895-1987) was a Dutch painter which left us some great characteristic paintings. This is one of them, of a typical winter scene full of nostalgia. Here in The Netherlands there is an amusement park he made the design for, which is called the Efteling, and his paintings are very populair.

Christmas bells
Of course it is also alsmost time for Christmas! November is the start of the holiday season. Days are still grey, rainy, and cold, but there is a light at the horizon: soon cities will be full of Christmas lights!